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Hey Ya'll!

Yep I'm southern like that. Based in Charlotte, NC but my passport stays ready. If you're new to my page, Welcome..if you've been rocking with me for a while.. Thank You!! I love sharing with you guys and I'd love to connect more with you all so here goes.. as you can see I love coffee (strong and dark with lots of cream)..and the color pink and I’m obsessed with lashes and brows. Seeing my clients blossom through my lens really makes me happy. Growing as a human has become an addiction. I'm a girly girl with a good balance guts and grit. I go from super serious to super silly with no filter at times.. a creative soul with a rigid side. I'm probably more ambitious than I ever thought I could be.. I love to laugh!! I also love cuss words.. hot yoga, meditation, and trap music (its so inspiring). I’m super passionate about living life on my own terms while being as wild and wise as I can be.  I’m ready to see the world, experience different cultures and just make my time here all that it can be. I love LOVE and lemon pepper chicken wings are my favorite . . .oh and I just turned 40 this past summer and I feel younger than ever.  I know this is random as hell but so am I!!
You should know that nothing about my photography style is traditional; I follow light and energy in life and my work!!!!  Through Beauty and Personal Branding I get to work with women that are doing their part to change the WORLD which means that  I get a front row seat and a backstage pass to witness all the magic!!  

 I do this because I love it and I love it because it’s an extension of me.