Monique Floyd
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Client Transformations

Moe and the Men….

Dr. Teneka Steed

I asked myself "why should the ladies have all the fun?"... I mean, I'm an equal opportunity dream maker right??!! Men need great headshots and personal branding and what guy doesn't want to feel like a GQ model for a day while he’s building his brand?!?  And the next thing I know on a plane headed to Chicago hanging out with the dapper-est of dudes making magic in the city with my camera. They truly brought it and I had a blast and I decided to keep the party going here at home!

Ladies it's time to get your guy in on the action to update his headshots and if he’s an entrepreneur or business owner my personal branding style is just what he needs to set him apart from the pack. So if he doesn’t call me… just schedule a shoot for him, he’ll thank you later!!