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Photographer for women that are changing the world
  Monique Floyd - Manipulator of Light | Untamed Vibe Feeler | Big Laugher | Motivational Be-er

Monique Floyd - Manipulator of Light | Untamed Vibe Feeler | Big Laugher | Motivational Be-er

You’re a world changing woman, living life on your own terms - wild, wise, and ambitious. 

Like me, you were “taught what nice girls do” but that doesn’t mean much to you anymore. The old rules no longer apply.  They never worked, at least not for you. You're here to make your own damn rules. 

You're passionate. You want to change the world through your work. Life has made you tough. Maybe tougher than you ever wanted to be.You're resilient. You want to do more than support your family, you want to create a legacy on your own terms. 

You need branded images that are as as bold, beautiful, and brazen as you are. That’s where I come in.

I’m Monique Floyd. Charlotte, NC is where I live but the world is my home.

 Business Corporate Professional

My approach to Personal Branding Photography is just that….personal.  Just like no two women are the same, no two photoshoots should be. Each photoshoot is custom created to infuse your personality into your brand. We'll tell your brand story, highlight what sets you apart, and together, we'll create images for your business that shows the world where you're heading, not where you've been.

You know what I love about my job?

I get a front row seat and backstage pass to watch women like YOU make this world a better place in your own special way.

Let’s do this. Together.

Who I work with

 Dr. Teneka Steed

As a professional photographer I work with bold, world-changing women that know they need to be visible whether they want to be or not.  I know putting yourself out there can be scary, (it was scary for me too) that's why making sure that my clients feel comfortable in front of the camera is one of my super powers and top priorities, that’s how I’m able to capture the real them!!!

I intentionally provide a space that they can feel safe in, giving them full permission to be themselves as they leave all their fears of putting themselves out there behind. 

Coaches, Authors, Speakers, Healers, Creatives, Visionaries, Game Changers, Magic Makers. 

Together, we'll bring your beauty, story power and brand message to life. 

Be ambitious. Step outside of the matrix. Walk in your power.  

If you’re ready for a complete online image makeover I’m ready for you!!

My clients love the results they see from their “image makeover” and so will you!

The best part? I'll walk you through the whole process. From brand and style consultations, finding unique locations, wardrobe styling and full hair and makeup styling.  

It's time. 




Client Testimonials

Monique is awesome! She’s inspiring & really encourages you to be YOU! Love the work she does, & how motivational she is to the women she meets!
— Janelle Ashley
I just want to sincerely thank you for helping me bring my rebranding vision to life. My photos can be attributed to my constant flow of referrals thus far. This was my first professional photo shoot and the entire experience was perfect! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you a million times over!!!
— Cheryl Richardson
Her studio is amazing. I was really impressed and Monique really made me feel comfortable and confident. She is a professional but feels like a friend. I recommend her for anyone looking for branded headshots, traditional headshots and especially for those looking for a photo & make up session for glam perfection!
— Brittney Windsand
Monique has a rare and special gift. She allows her clients to open up and communicate how the see their best selves. Then captures it on film to show them it’s not just in their minds... This is you on your best day... This is how the world sees you.
— Leslie Cherry-Alm
Monique is amazing. Not only is she a talented photographer, she is a fabulous makeup artist as well. She made me feel comfortable and beautiful. I love how the photos turned out and will be recommending her to everyone I know!
— Linda Lancaster
“When you enter Monique’s studio, the magic begins right then and there. Suddenly, you feel like a star! The atmosphere was both relaxing and energizing (how can that be?) ..while the anticipation of the results of my “make-over” had me giddy with excitement. When she took the first set of pictures and let me take a peek, I was in love….with ME! I can’t remember ever having such a fun and transforming time…when I saw all of the final pictures, I took them all. Monique captured the “me inside of me”….”
— Gina Spriggs